Pressure Uncertainty Calculator


Download Now: Easy to use Pressure Uncertainty Measurement Excel sheet


The Most simplified Uncertainty Calculator Excel sheet as per the Standard DKD R6-01

  • Step by Step Guide
  • Easy to use One Page
  • Complete Expanded Uncertainty OutPut
  • 100% Auto Calculations
  • Differentiated by colours

What includes in the 1-page Excel sheet for Pressure Measurement: 

  1. Only Fill the green cells
  2. Details of Instrument under Calibration 
  3. Details of Instruments used for Calibration 
  4. Lab Temperature record 
  5. Type-A Contribution (Up-Down, Up-Down, Up-Down, Auto Calculation) 
  6. Type-B Contribution (Auto Calculation) 
  7. Uncertainty Budget (Auto Calculation) 
  8. Expanded Uncertainty (Auto Calculation) 

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