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Measurement Checklist: What to do before and after Measurement?


Remember this Checklist Before Measurement, At the time of Measurement and after the Measurement

What to Do: Before Measurement

Consider the following checklist before going to do any measurements.

  • Description of the device under Calibration
  • List of Masters required to measure the device. 
  • Availability of Personal(like technical, one or more calibration engineers)
  • Availability of Master tester(for example; if you are going for calibration of height gauge check the status of slip gauge set)
  • Temperature indicators(like temperature humidity sensors or Thermohygrometers)
  • Calibration work procedure 
  • Manuals 
  • Datasheet
  • Check the condition of the Master checkers 

What to Do: On Measurement

On the time measurement, consider the below point very carefully.

  • Stable Environmental condition(For example; Temperature should not vary more than 0.5 degrees per hour, and Humidity should not vary more than 5% per hour)
  • No external Vibration
  • No disturbance 
  • Not any single external force can affect the measurement. 
  • Repeat the whole measurement at least 3 times to check the quality.
  • Note down the temperature and humidity as well to determine the uncertainty due to environmental conditions.

What to Do: After Measurement

Consider the below checklist after completing the measurement process.

  • Check Datasheet(Properly manage all measurement readings and the technical details of the device under calibration like range, resolution, etc.)
  • Check the Master checker(packing, storage, places )
  • Packing of Instrument 
  • Check the condition of the instrument. (Visual, physical conditions, proper functioning of the instrument )
  • Do not manipulate the measurement readings. 

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