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Free Training of Uncertainty Measurement 

measurement uncertainty free course

Learn the basics of Measurement Uncertainty, join the Free course of Uncertainty Measurement. 

The purpose of this course is to guide you on the basics fundamentals of Uncertainty in Measurement.

You will learn the following topics in this course. 

measurement uncertainty free course

Unit -1 Basic Terms

  • Uncertainty
  • Difference between Error & Uncertainty
  • Difference between Accuracy & Precision
  • Traceability & Measurement Standard

Unit-2 Uncertainty Concepts

  • Source of Uncertainty
  • Reduce Uncertainty

Unit- 3 Measure Uncertainty

  • Standard Deviation
  • Normal Distribution
  • Coverage Factor
  • Measurement Uncertainty Calculations
  • Standard & Expanded Uncertainty

We covered all the topics of Uncertainty in this course, join this now 

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