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Basics of ISO 17025 & Internal Audit

Duration: 1 hour

Learn the basic requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories and Internal auditing as per the requirement of ISO 17025

Basics of Uncertainty Measurement

Duration: 1 hour

Uncertainty of measurement is the doubt that exists about the result of any measurement. But for every measurement – even the most careful – there is always a margin of doubt.


Calibration Process (ISO/IEC 17025)

Duration: 1 hour

By completing the course, students will gain the knowledge and skills to confidently perform calibration tasks, contribute to quality control, and meet compliance requirements.


Pressure Measurement as per DKD R6 -01

Duration: 1 hour

Pressure measurement is the measurement of an applied force by a fluid on a surface. 


CMM Machine as per iso 10360

Duration: 1 hour

Learn the Basics of CMM machines as per standard ISO 10360. Almost every Manufacturing Industry uses CMM for its Quality Inspection.

Computer-Aided Reverse Engineering

Duration: 1 hour

This course provides an introduction to the principles and practices of reverse engineering, including the use of software tools to generate 3D models, analyze data, and create accurate representations of physical objects.

GD & T with Engineering Drawing

Duration: 1 hour

Learn the common language of Engineering design, Production, and Quality Assurance, known as Geometric Dimensions and tolerancing

Engineering Metrology & 3D Measurement

Duration: 3 hours 

Learn the Uncommon skill of Engineering Metrology & Precise Measurement Techniques

7 QC tools with Formats

Duration: 1 hour

The 7 QC tools are fundamental instruments to improve the process and product quality

Total Quality Management

Duration: 2 hours

TQM refers to management methods used to enhance quality and productivity in business organizations.


Duration: 1 hour

Kaizen is defined as continuous improvement. It is a philosophy of continuous improvement involving small changes throughout all areas of an organization.

Documents Implementation Guide

Duration: 1 hour

We are covering 20+ SOPs & Quality Manual, Understanding How to implement documents in the lab.